Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Why Anonymous?

I am a blogger, a facebooker, a writer. . .you name it. I like to share. But lately, I have found myself feeling quite inhibited by what I want to write about. I sit down to blog but find I can't hit the publish button because there just might be something in the words I have written that could tick people off.

So, who cares, right? I should be able to write what I feel without worrying about the repercussions. But, alas. . .no. I happen to be one of those people that cares what others think. Isn't that a basic human need? To feel accepted?

I have blogged about controversial issues in the past and have gotten rave reviews from friends and family. In fact I even had someone come up to me. . .a complete stranger and give me a pat on the back for something I had written about a controverial subject in our school.

But then there are the other people. The people who wish I wouldn't speak up. These could be the people involved in the issue, people who think I am too open or people who would rather shy away from controversy.

And these people seem to always be my friends, or my kids' teachers or someone whose opinions generally matter to me. So I began feeling uncomfortable with the thought of speaking out. . .voicing my opinion. . .trying to help others to see the common sense behind my thinking. Suddenly I had become censored.

So, I haven't blogged anything in many months. I will think of an excellent blog story, sit down to write it and then poof. . .I imagine my audience and I lose my nerve.

The idea of an anonymous blog hit me in the shower this morning (don't all great ideas come from the shower?). I decided I could still write what I wanted to write, but I needed to do so without my friends or family reading it. I think others from around the country, around the world even (I've been told my original blog has been read by strangers in Ireland and Australia!!) could learn from our experiences. Maybe they could find they relate to the typical issues that arise in a typical middle class family. Maybe they will share a laugh or share their own experiences.

And the intention is not to talk badly about people or to be mean. I am probably the furthest thing from a mean person as you can get. I will speak honestly and truthful about life experiences without worrying about who might be reading it and taking offense.

So enjoy and happy reading. Who knows maybe I'm your neighbor or your friend. Or maybe I sit next to you in church! Hopefully you'll never know.

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